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“Run With The Hunted” HD Captures

Finally, I have updated the photo gallery with HD screen captures from Kylie's latest movie, "RUN WITH THE HUNTED". It premiered on June 26, 2020, and Kylie played the role of Young Peaches. Click on the link below or on...
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New Info About The Movie “The Rugrats”

Previously I had made a post about a new possible Kylie project. This was about a movie title “The Rugrats”. (Click here to see the post). Unfortunately, I must tell you that this is not real, it was an...
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“Home Before Dark” HD Captures

The gallery was updated with the HD screen captures of the 10 episodes of Home Before Dark. Gallery links & previews are below. Enjoy! Gallery Links: Television Series > Home Before Dark (2020) > Season 1 > Episode Captures
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Possible New Project For Kylie Rogers!

Apparently, as IMDb announced on their website, Kylie will be part of the movie "The Rugrats" live-action with the role of Angelica Pickles. Exciting news, right? This is not 100% confirmed yet as there is not too much information...
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Kylie Shares Something With You

"Anonymous Content" through #ThanksForSharing decided to carry out a fun activity for followers on their Instagram account, which consisted of sharing something, such as a book, a recipe, a training, a poem, etc. And Kylie was one who participated...
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New Video: “Home Before Dark”

Apple TV + released a new video about the series "Home Before Dark". Check it out below. You can also see the screen captures added to the photo gallery. -  Gallery Links: Television Series > Home Before Dark (2020) >...
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“Home Before Dark” Official Trailer

Apple TV released the official trailer of "Home Before Dark." Check out the video and screen captures below, in addition to the synopsis for more information on the web series. I also added the screenshots to the photo gallery...